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Hey! I am an everyday Southern woman. I love to garden, cook, eat, read and spend time with family and friends.

stop, drop, and roll……

When my son was about nine or ten, they had a week of fire safety at school where they learned the stop, drop, and roll chant.  One weekend, we went out trekking in the woods with some friends on a stretch of land that had been logged out a few years prior.  Some of it was a little rough.  The kids were with us.  Zach kept chanting the little chant.  Annoying!  On the way back to our friends house, as we were going down a path on the side of a hill, he yells, “Stop. Drop. And roll!” and flings himself down the hill.  I yell at him to get back up here with a few curse words thrown in, when he starts whining something about a cactus!  I run down there to find several three inch long prickly pear  cactus barbs sticking out of his knee. I pull those out and we continue to our friends house where I spend about thirty minutes picking the soft furry looking stickers out of his legs. All the while, he is saying, “Not the tweezers!” LOL Kids!



EPISODE 542:  Once when my daughter, Autumn was about four years old, we had stayed at my in-laws extra long, and the kids needed to eat something.  (We had already had lunch with them a few hours earlier, and we didn’t usually stay for two meals).  I asked my mother-in-law if we could fix them some open faced cheese toast in the oven.  This was one of their favorite things to eat.  My mother-in-law fixed the toasts, all beautifully melted, and when she set them on the table, Autumn looked at it skeptically and said, “What’s this?”  Pat (mother-in-law) says, “Cheese toast!”  Autumn said, “No it’s not.  Cheese toast is black.”  lol  Pat (and me too) thought that was hilarious.  OK, so I burn stuff.  To this day, that’s how she likes her cheese toast.


Episode 2446:  This weekend Mike and Autumn replaced our old recliner with a ‘new’ one. (and by new I mean new to me LOL)  It was still in the back of Mike’s pickup and we were talking about it when Mike said , “it looks like it matches the couch”.  I said, “Not even close.  It’s brown.”  Mike sat there a second, then said, “well, what color is the couch?”  I said, “green”.  He said, “what color is the old recliner?”  I said, “It’s green too.”  I said, “what color did you think they were?”  He said he thought the couch was brown and the old recliner was gray.  Poor guy.  Being color blind must really be dull. And mismatched.  LOL  The new recliner looks pretty good with the couch even if they aren’t a true match.  Of course in MIke’s world…..the furniture matches perfectly!


Episode 7796: Since the beginning of our lives together, it has been our tradition to open gifts Christmas morning, ooh and aah for a few minutes while hurriedly getting ready  to go to Grandma’s (Mike’s mom) house, forty minutes away. And we love this tradition.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.  Luckily, my family’s tradition was always to open gifts on Christmas eve. Of course, eventually my kids figure out there are TWO days of gift opening and try to exploit that at home too.  So we settled on one gift being opened on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas morning.  Well, this one year….they each picked a gift and excitedly opened them.  As Karma would have it, Autumn opened a package of socks, and Zach,( not to be fooled by a lightweight package),opened a twelve pack of batteries!!!!!  Hahahaha That was so funny……..and yes, I let them  open a toy, but not until they had to wonder a little….


I haven’t felt much like blogging lately.  We lost my brother Michael recently, and I have just been too dead inside frankly to give this much thought.   This is one of the memories I have of him and all of us. Just an everyday kind of memory…..This took place not too long after we moved to the farm upon my dad’s retirement from the air force, after being stationed in Texas.  One of the cows was bawling for her baby ceaselessly, so dad took all of us out to look for the baby. We were scouring the woods on one section of our farm, and all of us kids were getting pretty tired of the hunt.  Michael was the smallest at that time, and he decided to sit down on a huge rock. He sat right beside a copperhead!!! It must have been cold or it would have bitten him.  He was practically sitting on it.  After that bit of excitement, we continued on the hunt, when Michael suddenly said, “Look at that big pile of poop!”.  Well, it wasn’t poop.  It was the body of the dead calf.  (I suspect my dad knew it was dead before we ever started hunting for it, but it was a bit unexpected by us kids!) I remember this like it was yesterday.  Not funny or even too interesting, but one of my precious memories


Years ago, we had a gray cat named, Mokey.  He was an unneutered male, so when he didn’t show up for a couple of days, I didn’t get too worried.  I began looking for him after that.  At the time, my bother David lived behind me just past a wooded  area.  You could see his trailer and an old car he had parked at the end of it from my back deck, and that’s where I was standing and calling for Mokey.  I would go out there several times a day and call for him, even thinking I could faintly hear a cat.  After a couple of days, I was convinced I could hear a cat over at David’s.  I walked over there and could still hear the cat.  It was coming from the old car!  I looked in there and sure enough, there is my kitty, who  bolted when I opened the door.  LOL  Every surface of every window in the car was all scratched up and of course, after three or four days in it, it was  a mess from pee and poop. Really stinky. Obviously, this took place at a time of year when it wasn’t hot, or the cat would not have survived.   Apparently, David had been doing something in the car and didn’t notice when the cat got in there.  Anyway, the cat was ok and lived a long life.  The funny part is that a friend of ours and David’s was desperate for a car and this car was offered to him.  Much to my surprise, he drove it for a while.  I think he had to ride with the windows all down.  We dubbed it, “the catmobile”. LOL















So, me and Mike were sitting outside on the patio yesterday afternoon and I was facing the house and the hummingbird feeder. They have been going nuts lately and we were fearing for our lives a little bit.  Someone had told me that a hummers beak was soft like your nose and I was telling Mike this when he said, “I think they are hard.  Remember I got pecked by one.”  Years ago, he rescued one out of a huge spider web in our garage, and the bird drilled him a couple of times. We were both trying to remember if he bled from it, when a hummer hit the bay window and fell to the porch.  I said to Mike that one had hit the window and he asked if it killed it.  I told him it didn’t fly off, so he gets up and goes up there and sure enough, there it is.  He picked it up and got it about waist high, when it flew off out of his hand!  Twice, he has held a living hummingbird.  Who has this stuff happen to them?  Mike, that’s who.