stop, drop, and roll……

When my son was about nine or ten, they had a week of fire safety at school where they learned the stop, drop, and roll chant.  One weekend, we went out trekking in the woods with some friends on a stretch of land that had been logged out a few years prior.  Some of it was a little rough.  The kids were with us.  Zach kept chanting the little chant.  Annoying!  On the way back to our friends house, as we were going down a path on the side of a hill, he yells, “Stop. Drop. And roll!” and flings himself down the hill.  I yell at him to get back up here with a few curse words thrown in, when he starts whining something about a cactus!  I run down there to find several three inch long prickly pear  cactus barbs sticking out of his knee. I pull those out and we continue to our friends house where I spend about thirty minutes picking the soft furry looking stickers out of his legs. All the while, he is saying, “Not the tweezers!” LOL Kids!


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