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EPISODE 542:  Once when my daughter, Autumn was about four years old, we had stayed at my in-laws extra long, and the kids needed to eat something.  (We had already had lunch with them a few hours earlier, and we didn’t usually stay for two meals).  I asked my mother-in-law if we could fix them some open faced cheese toast in the oven.  This was one of their favorite things to eat.  My mother-in-law fixed the toasts, all beautifully melted, and when she set them on the table, Autumn looked at it skeptically and said, “What’s this?”  Pat (mother-in-law) says, “Cheese toast!”  Autumn said, “No it’s not.  Cheese toast is black.”  lol  Pat (and me too) thought that was hilarious.  OK, so I burn stuff.  To this day, that’s how she likes her cheese toast.