Episode 2446:  This weekend Mike and Autumn replaced our old recliner with a ‘new’ one. (and by new I mean new to me LOL)  It was still in the back of Mike’s pickup and we were talking about it when Mike said , “it looks like it matches the couch”.  I said, “Not even close.  It’s brown.”  Mike sat there a second, then said, “well, what color is the couch?”  I said, “green”.  He said, “what color is the old recliner?”  I said, “It’s green too.”  I said, “what color did you think they were?”  He said he thought the couch was brown and the old recliner was gray.  Poor guy.  Being color blind must really be dull. And mismatched.  LOL  The new recliner looks pretty good with the couch even if they aren’t a true match.  Of course in MIke’s world…..the furniture matches perfectly!


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