Monthly Archives: November 2016


I haven’t felt much like blogging lately.  We lost my brother Michael recently, and I have just been too dead inside frankly to give this much thought.   This is one of the memories I have of him and all of us. Just an everyday kind of memory…..This took place not too long after we moved to the farm upon my dad’s retirement from the air force, after being stationed in Texas.  One of the cows was bawling for her baby ceaselessly, so dad took all of us out to look for the baby. We were scouring the woods on one section of our farm, and all of us kids were getting pretty tired of the hunt.  Michael was the smallest at that time, and he decided to sit down on a huge rock. He sat right beside a copperhead!!! It must have been cold or it would have bitten him.  He was practically sitting on it.  After that bit of excitement, we continued on the hunt, when Michael suddenly said, “Look at that big pile of poop!”.  Well, it wasn’t poop.  It was the body of the dead calf.  (I suspect my dad knew it was dead before we ever started hunting for it, but it was a bit unexpected by us kids!) I remember this like it was yesterday.  Not funny or even too interesting, but one of my precious memories