Years ago, we had a gray cat named, Mokey.  He was an unneutered male, so when he didn’t show up for a couple of days, I didn’t get too worried.  I began looking for him after that.  At the time, my bother David lived behind me just past a wooded  area.  You could see his trailer and an old car he had parked at the end of it from my back deck, and that’s where I was standing and calling for Mokey.  I would go out there several times a day and call for him, even thinking I could faintly hear a cat.  After a couple of days, I was convinced I could hear a cat over at David’s.  I walked over there and could still hear the cat.  It was coming from the old car!  I looked in there and sure enough, there is my kitty, who  bolted when I opened the door.  LOL  Every surface of every window in the car was all scratched up and of course, after three or four days in it, it was  a mess from pee and poop. Really stinky. Obviously, this took place at a time of year when it wasn’t hot, or the cat would not have survived.   Apparently, David had been doing something in the car and didn’t notice when the cat got in there.  Anyway, the cat was ok and lived a long life.  The funny part is that a friend of ours and David’s was desperate for a car and this car was offered to him.  Much to my surprise, he drove it for a while.  I think he had to ride with the windows all down.  We dubbed it, “the catmobile”. LOL















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