So, me and Mike were sitting outside on the patio yesterday afternoon and I was facing the house and the hummingbird feeder. They have been going nuts lately and we were fearing for our lives a little bit.  Someone had told me that a hummers beak was soft like your nose and I was telling Mike this when he said, “I think they are hard.  Remember I got pecked by one.”  Years ago, he rescued one out of a huge spider web in our garage, and the bird drilled him a couple of times. We were both trying to remember if he bled from it, when a hummer hit the bay window and fell to the porch.  I said to Mike that one had hit the window and he asked if it killed it.  I told him it didn’t fly off, so he gets up and goes up there and sure enough, there it is.  He picked it up and got it about waist high, when it flew off out of his hand!  Twice, he has held a living hummingbird.  Who has this stuff happen to them?  Mike, that’s who.


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