Monthly Archives: August 2016


….when anyone says, “you hold the cat while I……”  Fact:  Anything requiring two people, the cat will not like.  My brothers learned this the hard way.  I was about eleven, making the two of them ten and nine.  One of them decided it was time to wash the cat. Fact: cats are not fond of water. He suggested that one of us hold it while he washed it.  I immediately knew I wanted no part of this and that they shouldn’t do it.  They didn’t listen so I ran and told mama.  She said it would be the last time they tried.  Seeing she was in no hurry,  I ran back to the boys just in time to witness the bath.  Did you know that just holding a cat over a container of water will make it freak out and tear you up?  LOL Mama got there just in time to take the bloody one into the house to be doctored a little bit. Fact: the one holding the cat is generally the one that gets wounded.