One winter evening, when Zach was about ten or eleven, he and Mike were in the shop bonding.  Too cold out there for me.  They had gotten out the blowgun, and were blowing darts at the dartboard.  Once, when Zach was retrieving the darts, Mike sees a bucket of paintballs and fires one at Zach, hitting him on the rear end. Zach immediately starts crying and runs inside to me.   He says his dad shot him with a paintball. I immediately think he shot him from too close, not realizing he was using a blowgun. He is already starting to get a bruise.  I march out to the shop, getting pretty mad, only to have the wind taken out of my sails.  Mike says he was only using the blowgun, and that he didn’t realize it, but the paintballs are FROZEN! Lol That WILL leave a mark. #noheatoutthere


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