Episode 1000: This past week, we have been having some pine trees removed because they are going to pave our road and the trees were on the right of way.  The crew that was doing the cutting, had a couple of old hands, and one new guy from California. It was his first day.  They had cut several trees, when the new guy decides to take a break.  Mike turns around to find him sitting on one of the stumps.  (I’m sure Mike’s eyes bugged out) LOL He tells the guy, “I don’t think you want to sit there”.  The guy half turns toward him putting his hand on the stump.  Simultaneously, he says, “Why?” as he is lifting his hand up just dripping with sap!  LOL He had a sap ring on his behind all day long.  I’m sure his pants were probably ruined.  (city people. smh)


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