When my kids were pretty small, Autumn was 5, Zach was 3, we went on vacation to St. Louis.  One of the attractions there is the arch, and of course we took the kids.  I should say that Zach was barely potty trained, and was all decked out in a razorback outfit that was red of course and had Arkansas written all over it.   Really cute.  We went to the arch and up in it. Looked around and then got ready to go into the elevators.  Now to do this you stand in a line kindof on stairs and wait for the elevators to open.  Zach had already told me that he needed to use the bathroom, and when we get in line with several people below us, he starts trying to pull his pants down and announces loudly that  he is going to pee on those people! LOL( Did I mention that he had on an Arkansas Razorback shirt? ) I stifle his urge to pee on everyone,  and we get downstairs to the bathroom in time.  We look around in the museum downstairs and then we go outside and are walking around the arch when Zach cranes his head up and says with wonder in his voice as he is trying to pull his pants down again, “I need to pee on that!”  Me and Mike’s Aunt Julie just keep walking as we are laughing and telling Mike to get his son.  Mike had to let him pee behind a bush.  You shouldn’t advertise where you are from when your kids are with you. LOL


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