She was named Lillian, but everyone called her Bill. My mom said she got her nickname when she was a young girl working in the cotton fields.  Her  family dressed her like a man and called her Bill to protect her from the men in the cotton fields.  Apparently, they never caught on or if they did, they kept her secret.  She even learned to pee standing up. I never saw this wonder, but my older brother swears she could.  Anyway, the nickname stuck for life.  She was the funniest lady and so matter of fact and blunt.  She dipped snuff most of her life, and in later years, after scolding her children for smoking and having it pointed out that she had a habit that she couldn’t break, she showed them all by quitting! (I think she must have been in her seventies.) We spent our summer vacation at her home in south Georgia. I have shelled many a pea, and shucked more corn at her house than you can possibly understand.  She was the first one to make chocolate syrup (not gravy that stuff is nasty) for me for breakfast.  The first to introduce me to tomato sandwiches, homemade creamed FIELD corn (not sweet corn), and boiled peanuts.  All wonderful memories. She was known to her kids and grandkids as “mubber”.  (We weren’t allowed to call her mubber.  Mom said that she was our mother.  An ego thing I suppose.) She was my Aunt Bill, definitely one of a kind,  and I miss her so much.


One thought on “MY AUNT BILL……

  1. Judy

    Bill revered Aunt Bill as his 2nd mother. She held a very special place in his heart. I loved her too and feel very privileged to have known her for the time that I did. A very special person indeed. She wasn’t a big talker, but when she spoke you needed to listen, because you were either going to learn something good or laugh your ass off! My favorite in your family – Aunt Bill!


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