Episode 904:  Years ago, Mike and his brother Allen, and a former brother-in-law went dove hunting.  I wasn’t there.  Unfortunately, hunting is not my thing.  I would have loved to have been there that day.   They had all had a little luck with the doves, and Mike was no exception.  He shot at one and when the dust cleared, went to retrieve it.  He was the only one who had shot one, so he was in the field alone.  He got to his dove, picked it up, and was immediately attacked by a bumblebee.  It stung him on the arm after he threw the dove at it.  He thought it had lost interest after that until it stung him (in a sneak attack) right in the armpit! He took off  his hat and swatted at it and finally swatted it onto the ground, throwing his hat in the process. Suddenly, the bee starts buzzing and acting like it is not hurt at all, so in desperation, (and typical Mike fashion) he shot it with his shotgun.  Now, keep in mind he is alone in the field, and to the onlookers it looked like he threw his dove up and waved his hat around, then threw it on the ground and then shot his hat!  They were doubled over laughing at his shenanigans. A lot of weird stuff happens to Mike too.  When he got home, he told me had bagged 2 doves and a bumble bee!


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