EPISODE 2:  One night at about dusk, I was inside watching tv, and Mike was out in the garden.  I got up and walked to the kitchen, turned on the light, and there was a long snake in the kitchen floor.  I said, “woohoo” and jumped back about a foot.  The snake never moved, and I immediately thought,” that prick Mike, has left a rubber snake in here and didn’t even stick around to see my reaction!”.  I try to get the cat interested, thinking she will scare herself with this rubber snake. She wasn’t interested at all.  I reach down to pick it up, and notice that its head is in a different position than before.  I “woohoo” again and rush outside on the porch and holler, “Mike, there’s a snake in the house!”  He comes to the rescue and picks it up and releases it outside.  How did it get in? you ask.  He had left the back door ajar while taking some stuff outside. Weird stuff happens to us.  Not sure why.


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