EPISODE ONE:  This happened several years ago, not too long after we built our house. There were two electric boxes high on the living room  wall for lights to go over the bar.  I never could decide on the lights I wanted, so they were empty. I should also mention that I live in a house framed in cedar, knot holes and all. Mike and our friend, Rusty were in the backyard doing some kind of mechanic work. I came in the backdoor to the living room from outside, and saw something dark near the top of the door. I looked over….jumped a foot…and screeched all at once.  There was a black snake trying to crawl from a saw that hangs above the bar, to the top of the door. I screeched, “Mike!  There’s a snake in the house!”  He says, “What?”  I repeat my statement at a higher level of concern. He comes in and picks the snake up and deposits it somewhere outside. (My hero!)  It had crawled up the side of the house and through a knothole to the attic, down from there somehow into one of those electric boxes, and into the house! I decided THAT DAY on the lights I wanted.  (My only requirement was that they be snake-proof.)


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