I was in Jr. High School when this occurred.  The way we practiced track was to run the block that ran around the grade school and the gym. We ( a group of about five or six of us) would take off running until we were out of sight of our coach and the rest of the pack had left us behind. Then we would walk while hurriedly puffing on a couple of cigarettes that we passed around. Now this was risky, not only because we were beside the grade school (plenty of windows), but the driveway to the superintendents house was right there too.  Then we would turn the corner and walk along beside the buses and the shop building and the principal’s house! I don’t know how we escaped detection during these activities, but we never got caught.  As we rounded the last curve, (when coach could see us again) we started running again.  Coach was there to encourage us on. (and by encourage, I mean he bent double laughing at us).  We were all (except one) in varying degrees of curvaceousness. ( And by curvaceouseness, I mean, well, nevermind.) We would cross the finish line coughing and out of breath. It’s pretty funny now, but I was terrified he would figure it out. Needless to say, we never won any of the 880 races during the meets. Apparently, smokers run slowly.  LOL   If my old principal is reading this, sorry Mr. Wood, I think it’s the only bad thing I ever did that you didn’t catch me doing!


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