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We live in a world of color that we take for granted.  My husband, brother, son, grandson, and many other nephews, are all color blind.  Like twenty percent of the male population, they do not live in a world of color.  That’s not to say that they don’t see any color, they do. It’s just not as vivid I guess, and reds and greens look alike to them, as do blues and grays.  My daughter got my husband a pair of those en chroma sunglasses that allow colorblind people to see colors more accurately. At first, when he put them on, he didn’t think they did much.  Autumn brought out a Mcdonald’s sack to show him purple, and he was amazed.  I don’t think he has ever seen anything purple, and he realized that the ‘red’ patio umbrella  he bought me was green!  LOL He saw the redbud tree in the  He also saw my green eyes for the first time, they have appeared brown to him all these years.  He was so amazed at how beautiful and blue my daughter’s eyes are. I can’t wait for my grandson and son to try these things out.  Mike went for a drive to look around. This is a beautiful time of year for seeing colors for the first time.  I hope he sees a tulip tree! I encourage you all to look at the world around you and appreciate your ability to SEE it.



I was in Jr. High School when this occurred.  The way we practiced track was to run the block that ran around the grade school and the gym. We ( a group of about five or six of us) would take off running until we were out of sight of our coach and the rest of the pack had left us behind. Then we would walk while hurriedly puffing on a couple of cigarettes that we passed around. Now this was risky, not only because we were beside the grade school (plenty of windows), but the driveway to the superintendents house was right there too.  Then we would turn the corner and walk along beside the buses and the shop building and the principal’s house! I don’t know how we escaped detection during these activities, but we never got caught.  As we rounded the last curve, (when coach could see us again) we started running again.  Coach was there to encourage us on. (and by encourage, I mean he bent double laughing at us).  We were all (except one) in varying degrees of curvaceousness. ( And by curvaceouseness, I mean, well, nevermind.) We would cross the finish line coughing and out of breath. It’s pretty funny now, but I was terrified he would figure it out. Needless to say, we never won any of the 880 races during the meets. Apparently, smokers run slowly.  LOL   If my old principal is reading this, sorry Mr. Wood, I think it’s the only bad thing I ever did that you didn’t catch me doing!


Episode 897:  One Christmas several years ago, our family decided to have our get together in the fire station. There were probably at least forty five of us in attendance, not sure who wasn’t there, or there would have been more! LOL  Anyway, we were preparing everything, when the urge to go the bathroom hit me.  I went into the stall and did my business, then looked at the toilet paper.  There was a roll sitting on top of another roll, so I stick my fingers in the top one and start to unroll some, when this big old, gnarly looking spider jumps out onto my chest!  I start jumping and screaming, (with my pants down), all around the stall.  This startles the spider into fairly quickly (seemed like hours) abandoning ship.  It scurried off, leaving me to cry a little and laugh half-heartedly at  what a site I must have been when I implemented my plan to scare the spider.  (Haha) Anyway, I survived, the spider survived, and no one at the gathering was the wiser. (Although I did warn a few people that I saw one in there.)  Now, even at home, I always look down the center before I put my fingers in there.  LOL  Creepy!!!