Several years ago, we were on vacation at my brother’s in Florida.  Mike, my sister in law Judy, and myself had taken an excursion, shopping in the Jacksonville area which is about an hour or hour and a half from their home. On our way home, my car started acting funny and Mike took the next exit and we ended up in a shopping mall with a Publix in it.  He parked in the shade, thankfully, because it was 96 that day.  He immediately knew it was a battery issue and Judy said she was a AAA member and called for a battery.  About 30 minutes later, a guy shows up and it turns out it is the alternator and he offers to call AAA for a tow and he does that right in front of us.  An hour goes by, and Judy calls AAA to see what the problem is.  They say the guy is stuck in traffic and will be there soon.  Meanwhile, Mike goes to get us something to drink and comes back with several cokes.  Not really my favorite, I’m a diabetic and they have a tendency to gas me up.  But, it was hot so I drank it anyway.  Another hour goes by and Judy calls again.  Still giving traffic as the excuse.  Meanwhile, my daughter calls and I’m complaining to her and I say that the only way this day could be any worse would be if I s#@t myself in public. Finally, after a four hour wait on a 96 degree day, the truck shows up, they load the car up and we pile into the truck.  The back ‘seat’ is about 8 inches wide (seriously) and as hard as a board.  I think we were about 45 minutes from my brother’s house.  Judy had had surgery 4 weeks prior and was feeling good, but not completely  herself.  The back seat was like riding in a log truck.  It jostled and shook us up.  This caused Judy to clutch her abdomen the whole way home, and it caused all that coke I drank to fizz and fester until I became very nervous that I was going to actually s#^t myself in public!  VERY NERVOUS!  We are about a mile from their house, when I start relaxing a little, when suddenly the tow truck sputters.  The driver says, “I forgot to get gas”.  LOL We are in the middle of nowhere, I need to urgently use the bathroom, and we are stranded.  Luckily, we call my brother, Bill for a rescue and he takes me and Judy to the house, (I made it), and he and Mike go back to rescue the tow truck driver.  LOL (Ran out of gas in a tow truck…check that one off the old bucket list!)



  1. Judy

    I’ve told that story a bunch of times…… things like this always happen to us. Makes me think about our picnic at blowing cave when we needed a jump start after you had left the key on to roll the back window down on your car. We always manage to get out of our situations with a smile, don’t we? Fun times with you guys for sure!


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