In March, 1985, Mike asked me to marry him.  When he proposed, he first started talking about building a house, having kids, etc.  ( I totally panicked inside!) I thought he was trying to break up with me.  LOL  (he had been living with someone a couple of months before we met, and it wasn’t far enough in the past for me to be very secure about it.  We had only been dating about six months at this point.)I even tried several times to change the subject.  Finally, he quit beating around the bush, and asked me to marry him.  I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. The last thing I expected him to say…..As you all know, I said, “Yes”.  We were talking about it later, and we laughed about it.  He had been wondering why I was trying to change the subject! We were married two months later, no shotguns needed. I’ll have to say, our first date was the only blind date I don’t regret going on.


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