Monthly Archives: January 2016


The other day Connor came in from school and was in a really good mood, (no homework).  He immediately gave me a wadded up napkin with something in it and said, “Here Grandma you can have this.”  I examine it more closely and notice that it is a small candycane,  obviously stuck to the paper.   He says, “I licked it a little, but I thought you might want it.”  LOL



I don’t like this getting old stuff.  I feel like I am falling apart sometimes.  I never thought some of these changes would happen to me.  I thought I would always be young I guess.  Well, it’s apparent to me that I am no longer vibrant.  LOL   Most of the time I am shocked to see my own image.  You know, the old lady staring at you instead of your young visage.   And the changes in how you think are among the worst.  Thinking about how not to hurt yourself on stairs, looking at a peanut and hoping it won’t explode a tooth, and always on the lookout for a bathroom in a strange place, just to name a few.  I guess our bodies betray us all to some degree as we get older.  Wow, that was depressing.  You are welcome.

MEMORY MONDAY(yes, I know it’s Tuesday.)

Years ago when the kids were around 12 and 10,we took them fishing to a little shallow creek. Mike had already disappeared upstream, leaving me (as usual) to cut bait, fix tangled lines, take fish off the hook,  etc. I was standing on the bank about 20 feet from Zach who was out in the middle of the creek standing on rocks and goofing off, when a crane with a snake in its mouth rose up and flew really low in Zach’s direction. Zach sees it and yells FLAMINGO! This startles the crane and he drops his snake right beside Zach! I go into mama bear mode, and run into the creek to the rescue,  but the snake was happy to be free and escapes my wrath. That was a close one.







Yuk! How I hate it, but I love the house when it is clean. My house was starting to look like a haunted house. Lol. For the last year, I have been having breathing issues or back issues and my housekeeping has been minimal.  I’m feeling better with both issues, and I have been (and still am) working on getting this house right.  Today I am on a mission to kill a couple of spiders that I noticed have moved in behind my computer desk!  This can’t be allowed.  I am going to suck them into the whirlwind of my vacuum. (This will smother them with cat hair. Lol)

Great news! ( For me at least.) Cleaned through the old (I thought scrap papers) on my computer desk, and I found  my password to my blog!!  Right where I would never put it! (Even though that’s apparently what I did.) I’m so happy to be back, that I can’t think of a thing to blog about.  LOL  This has been too overwhelming to do by phone, even if I had had my password.   Anyway, follow me if you dare.