It is ‘Memory Monday’ once again. Interesting/horrible things seem to happen to me. Have any of you ever been in a tick rain? I have. Twice. I’m going to tell you about the first time. For those of you who never leave the relative safety of your yard, ticks abound out in the wild. They are plentiful and you can get several on you of all different sizes. Unpleasant, but not particularly scarey. This particular incident happened close to my husband’s hometown, which is definitely out in the sticks. His brother had been cutting pulpwood and skidding a hilltop and told Mike that there was probably a place to look for arrowheads close by. We decided to go look and had to walk probably at least a quarter of a mile into the woods to get to it. We looked. Had some luck and were heading back to the truck, when I said, “It’s raining.” Mike looks up and says, “There is not a cloud in the sky.”, yet we can hear ‘rain’ dropping all around us. That’s about when Mike says rather panicked, “TICKS!” They were literally falling/jumping? out of the trees. All sizes. We had them all over us. (I think) We were running and scraping them off of us at the same time. Did I mention that we were a quarter of a mile from the truck? A long way to run through the woods on uneven terrain. And totally freaked out. My weirdshitometer was going off big time. LOL No one we told this to, including old timers, had ever heard of this happening. We are just lucky I guess. LOL Next Monday, I’ll tell you about the second time it happened to me.


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