Well, I am going to take a chance on hurting someone’s feelings with my story today. (I hope she just thinks it’s funny!) When we were in Florida, our final homecooked meal was pretty awesome. Judy had fixed this green bean stir-fry type salad that tasted great, but was a little more al dente (is that how you spell that?) than I like. (I have issues with too much roughage! LOL) I was cleaning up my plate and only had about half of the salad left, thinking I had eaten enough, when my loving husband very sweetly asks, “Don’t you like the green beans?” I shot him a look that should have melted him on the spot, and told him I did like them, thinking, ‘crud. Now I have to eat more.’ And I did. But, I was pretty scared. Eventually, all worked out in the end. LOL Mike confessed later that he did that on purpose!!!! (Which I already suspected, hence the dirty look.) I will have to think of a way to pay him back! I love you Judy!


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