Today is my son’s 26th birthday! He had a bit of a rocky start. He had colic so bad when he was born until he was about 6 months old. He seemed to cry constantly and was driving us all crazy with worry and sleep deprivation. Even Autumn who had just turned 2 when he was born, remembers that he cried a lot at night. Nothing we tried to alleviate his discomfort ever seemed to work more than once. With help from family, we managed to get enough sleep to tough it out. Once he turned six months old, it was the difference from night to day. He stopped crying and he was no longer in pain. He was the sweetest natured baby. Now, all grown up, he is a great guy. I probably don’t say that often enough. He has a good job and he’s a responsible person, a good bother and son and uncle. I love him so much. Happy Birthday son.


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