Hey! It’s ‘Memory Monday’ again. One year when the kids were about 5 and 7, we decided to take an early spring camping trip. I had the back of our Jeep packed with virtually everything. Mike took one look at it and said I would have to leave something here, it would not all fit, so I took a big pile of blankets out (we still had sleeping bags) and off we went. We first went to Mountain View and there were no camping spots. As we were leaving, we thought we saw Mike’s sister, Becky and then thought, “Surely not.” Off to Heber we went. Got to Tumbling Shoals and started setting up camp, when Becky rolls up with her family and takes the spot right next to us! Totally unplanned. (And it was her in Mountain View, they couldn’t get a spot there either.)That night, it got pretty cold, and we put the kids in the back of the Wagoneer and we settled down in the tent. After a few minutes, it became clear that we were going to have to sleep on the ground and cover up with the sleeping bag. We were fully clothed and had coats on and were still freezing so bad that we could not sleep. Right before dawn, we decide to get in the Jeep with the kids and we turned on the heater and were just warming up when Zach sits up and says, “I think I’m going to….” (Pretty sure he was going to say ‘puke’, cause that’s what he did.) All over the covers back there. Autumn sits up and starts gagging. Mike starts cursing and throwing a minor fit. I lose the will to live. After cleaning all that up and getting up and stirring around camp, I hear Zach kindof whimper and look at him and he has poop running down both legs of the only pair of long pants he has with him. Diarrhea. Puke. What fun! We sling everything back in the car and get ready to leave. Becky has had a pretty rough night too and doesn’t even take her tent down. She just leaves it there. Luckily, we take it down and bring it home and return it to her later, so that she can endure (uh, I mean enjoy) some more camping. LOL (I’ll tell you about some of those disasters…. I mean trips later!)


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