Have you ever been talking to someone (I’ve only seen this happen to men.) when a random dried looking white piece of spittle lands on their lip? This happened when talking to the guy at the Disney desk in our hotel. He was very helpful and helped Autumn get one of her tickets for free. When the spittle got on his lip, I immediately became concerned that he was going to spit it on me and that then I would puke in the lobby, or Connor would spy it and ask him about it. LOL I could not concentrate on what he was saying, and Autumn had moved out of the ‘danger zone’ for contamination where she could listen to what he was saying, and he was saying a lot. (I’ve noticed that when someone gets one of these, they talk incessantly!) LOL I was totally mesmerized by the spittle. Why doesn’t he know it’s on there? It’s huge! I started wondering what to name it for Pete’s sake! Then I thought, maybe he won’t spit it on me, maybe he will lick it off there. O.k. I had to abandon that train of thought when I gagged a little. LOL I finally moved out of the line of fire and just waited for Autumn to finish listening to him. When we got back to the room, I mentioned it and we laughed a little, then she gagged and we had to stop talking about it. LOL


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