Well.  I can check ‘take a small child to Disney World’ off of my bucket list.  Annnd, once again, I am adding it to my list of things I never want to do again!  LOL (What does it say about me that this is a common occurrence???) First of all, let me say that I’m glad we went.  We did have fun.  Connor was so excited and had a good time. It was 95 degrees that day.  I was miserable.  Fat girls are not made for hot weather! Disney World has craftily made sure that there is very little shade there and most of it is in places that you spend money! I think Connor rode three of the big rides (Splash Mountain was broken when we could have ridden it. Fate was against us that day.).  I was too hot to even walk all the way to Space Mountain for, alas, I had lost the will to live quite some time before that, so,  I waited in a rare shady spot until they came back. Did I mention that my phone was almost dead when we got there, so no pictures from my phone and no way to entertain myself except to people watch. (There is a wide array of weirdos on the loose there. And they probably thought the same thing when they looked at me!  LOL) I did text my husband a couple of times, as follows: First, I told him that we were all having a good time, then…..”I am in hell.  I know this because that is how hot it is here.” and a little later, “Autumn wants to stay until 10 p.m. I am pretty sure I will be dead by then.” Autumn came back from Space Mountain, all hot and grumpy, and said, “Connor says his knees are tired and he wants to go home. So, we are going over to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and then we are leaving! I only wanted to stay for the fireworks because I thought he would want to be here that long.  If he’s ready to go, I am too.”  I did not argue. That’s exactly what we did too.  He loved the whole pirate thing, I think the most of it all.  The traffic was slow and congested until we left Orlando, which takes a while. We were so glad to get back to my bother’s place, about 2 hours away. Anyway, that was my last trip to the Magic Kingdom. Thank you Disney. Here are some pictures from Autumn’s phone. The ones that look like happy smiles are early in the trip. The exhausted ones speak for themselves.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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