Monthly Archives: July 2014

After a trip through the laundry, the last two jackets are clean. I am going to go out on a limb and hang them up for the summer. Surely no one will need a jacket for the remainder of the month or even in August. LOL This weather has been crazy! I am loving it though except for what it has done to most of my garden. The garden is pretty pathetic this year. Sadness.


Yesterday. Connor and I were listening to music on the computer and we danced like fools for quite a while. After a while, Connor said he just wanted to play because he was getting hot. Then he said, “My circuits are getting hot, Grandma. It gets in my wiring and crazy things happen!” LOL I can’t make this stuff up.

It is ‘Memory Monday’ once again. Interesting/horrible things seem to happen to me. Have any of you ever been in a tick rain? I have. Twice. I’m going to tell you about the first time. For those of you who never leave the relative safety of your yard, ticks abound out in the wild. They are plentiful and you can get several on you of all different sizes. Unpleasant, but not particularly scarey. This particular incident happened close to my husband’s hometown, which is definitely out in the sticks. His brother had been cutting pulpwood and skidding a hilltop and told Mike that there was probably a place to look for arrowheads close by. We decided to go look and had to walk probably at least a quarter of a mile into the woods to get to it. We looked. Had some luck and were heading back to the truck, when I said, “It’s raining.” Mike looks up and says, “There is not a cloud in the sky.”, yet we can hear ‘rain’ dropping all around us. That’s about when Mike says rather panicked, “TICKS!” They were literally falling/jumping? out of the trees. All sizes. We had them all over us. (I think) We were running and scraping them off of us at the same time. Did I mention that we were a quarter of a mile from the truck? A long way to run through the woods on uneven terrain. And totally freaked out. My weirdshitometer was going off big time. LOL No one we told this to, including old timers, had ever heard of this happening. We are just lucky I guess. LOL Next Monday, I’ll tell you about the second time it happened to me.

A couple of weeks ago, me and Connor were watching our dog, Bubba continue on his vendetta against a bumble bee that has burrowed into our porch rail. He chases it and snaps at it all the time. On this particular afternoon, Bubba was intently watching the thing hover near the rail, and I started saying things like, “I’ll bet he is thinking, ‘I hate bees’ and “Bees hurt my mouth when they sting me!'”. (You know how I like to spoof on everything!) Connor is looking at me really seriously when he says, “How do you know what the dog is thinking, Grandma?” LOL

Last week, Connor and Mike picked blackberries and then came in to cool off. They were in the living room, and I was in the kitchen cooking supper. I heard Connor say, “A tick.” And I heard his pawpaw say he would kill it. Then, I hear Connor say, “Look. Baby ticks!” Then he said, “Get ’em off me!” He and his pawpaw were covered in seed ticks. (For those of you who are not familiar with these little critters, they look sortof like a poppy seed with legs, and are about half that size. Usually, there are several dozen or seemingly hundreds when you get them.) Pawpaw immediately located the duct tape (one of its main uses around here is for seed tick removal. They stick to the tape and even will pull off if they are already biting. This is one of Mike’s ideas, possibly one of the best he has ever had. He is such a McGyver! LOL). Country living. Gotta love it.

It is ‘Memory Monday’ again. I would like to preface this one by saying that my husband , Mike has the most sensitive nose on the planet. He can smell things when other people around him are oblivious to the smell. And, he has a bit of a weak stomach because of it. We were on vacation in Oregon, and we stopped at a place called “Sea Lion Cave” It is supposed to be the largest sea cave in America. The odor of fish hit us as soon as we got out of our car, but it wasn’t too bad. When we entered the gift shop, same smell only with freshly popped popcorn added to it. (To mask the stench). We bought our tickets and waited outside on the wooden observation deck. Still a little stinky. Time to go down to the cave. When the elevator doors open, we are nearly stampeded by people wanting to go back up. When I finally work my way out, the smell is really bad, fish, rotting fish, and rotting stinky sea lion fishy poop, but I think to myself, “Hell, I was raised on a chicken farm. I can handle this.” And, I did. I looked at Judy and said, “Where’s Mike?” She said, “He bolted. I think he is looking for a way out of here.” LOL We climbed the stairs he went up and found him with eyes as big as saucers barely holding onto his stomach contents. And he told us it was a dead end with a look of sheer panic on his face. LOL (I wish I had a picture of his face.) The stairs led to an observation platform where you could see all the sea lions and get a really good whiff of them too. We followed Mike back to the elevator, practically running the whole way. Now, for kicks, we recommend this place to anyone we know going to Oregon! I know. It’s mean. LOL

Yesterday, Connor asked me if we had a suit of armor that he could wear. LOL I told him that we did not and he said, “Well, pawpaw can just make one.” I said that I didn’t think so……………about an hour later, I was proven wrong once again. LOL (I don’t know what’s up with the long ‘ear’ looking things, except that it is similar to something on the ninja turtles cartoon.)10487299_10202720005626907_7983734806270682433_n