It’s ‘Memory Monday’ again! When Zach was about 12 or 13 maybe, he was going through a faze where he sang (at the top of his lungs) in the shower or outside or just wherever.  Autumn and I were inside watching tv in the living room when we heard what we thought was Zach singing outside.  We looked at each other and shook our heads at the silliness. Suddenly, Zach busts through the front door, crying and sobbing and bleeding, not singing at all.  Apparently, I jumped over the back of the couch (I have no memory of this, Autumn told me about it later) and ran to his rescue.  He had driven the 4 wheeler through the barbed wire fence that runs along our pasture.  He was trying to avoid running over our puppy that was nipping at the wheels (dumb dog). Zach ended up with scratches from the barbs on his chest and arms and I think (looking back on it) he may have cracked his wrist.  (I, being the great mother that I am, did not take him to the dr.  I just patched him up myself.)  His main concern was his pants.  I had been totally griping at him about how many of his pants had holes in them because he just didn’t take care of them.  He jumped up from the crash and first inspected his pants for holes thinking, ‘mom is going to kill me’, when he noticed that he was injured and abandoned concern for his clothes!  LOL


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