Dawn’s Life( the Sitcom), Episode: 9998:  Today Zach was going to cook some chicken he bought a couple of days ago and has been cooking on the Foreman grill to eat healthier lately. He said he was going to cook all of it before it ruined. He got it all set up to cook and opened the bag, then brought it to me and asked if it smelled ruined to me.  I took one whiff and said, “Oh yeah. Don’t eat that.” It smelled horrible. He took it out and put it in Bubba’s bowl.  Zach came back in holding the bag and told me that Bubba just looked at him and wouldn’t eat it (that didn’t last long. He started in on it after he came in).  Right after he said that, the cat, (who was between us) started gagging and threw up!  LOL  Never a dull moment!


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