Connor came to me yesterday and was almost teary eyed when he told me that he could not whistle or snap.  He just tried and tried and couldn’t do it, he said.  Sooo, I began trying to teach him to whistle.  He is not forming his lips right and he is going to keep trying on that one.  I told him it would probably take lots of practice.  Then we moved on to snapping.  He was not holding his fingers right or even using the right fingers.  I showed him what to do and he snapped on the first try!  He was so excited.  He showed his mom and pawpaw as soon as they came home from work and even snapped on the phone when his dad called. It brought back memories of trying to teach my kids the same things.  We were working on teaching Autumn to whistle when she was 3, because she expressed an interest in learning to.  She tried and tried and couldn’t whistle.  On Zach’s first birthday (they are two years apart almost exactly in age) when he was blowing out his candle, I’ll be dang if he didn’t whistle when he blew!  He had picked it up (he later forgot it and had to relearn) when we were trying to teach his sister!  Both of them ended up learning how to whistle when they were about 6 or 7 I guess.  


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