Autumn had a kitten that was just past the age to be weaned by a couple of weeks and Connor loved it.  Bubba, my dog, followed Autumn home the other night.  Thankfully, Connor was not with her.  Before she could get out of her car, Bubba snatched the kitten off the top step, and proceeded to kill it right in front of Autumn, finally running off, proudly holding his trophy.  Autumn came over, in the rain, and found the kitten. She whipped Bubba with a belt and burried her little kitten in her yard.  When Connor came back from his dad’s this weekend and she told him the kitten was dead, she was trying to not tell him that Bubba was the culprit.  After she beat around the bush a little bit, Connor finally told her that Bubba had killed the kitten.  (It’s not like he hasn’t seen him attack cats before.) I hope Connor doesn’t hold a grudge.


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