The other day, I walked out to the garden with about 3 tomato plants that I had sprouted from seed.  They were just now ready to go in the garden, but it is kindof late and I don’t know if they will make it.  Connor saw me and asked what I was doing and could he help?  So, he dug the hole where I told him to, shook fertilizer in it, put a pinch of epsom salts in it, and mixed it into the dirt with his hands.  Then, he took the plants, carefully spreading his fingers around it, turned them upside down to release them from the container, and then put them in the hole and covered them with soil.  I could not have done it better myself.  And, he did it without instruction from me.  (He remembered from about a month ago when we planted the others.) I think he could get a job plantin’ maters!  LOL


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