It is ‘Memory Monday’ again.  This happened several years ago while on vacation in Florida.  We were at a private ‘spring’ called Sweetwater Springs, near I think it is called Juniper springs.  (These two springs are connected.)  Also, if disney and the beach are the only reasons you go to Florida, you are missing the true jewels of that state. They are the multitude of springs there. Unparalleled beauty and the clarity of most of them will take your breath away.  We decided to go up to Juniper Springs and do a float trip.  Bill and Judy (my brother and sister in law) bragged on how beautiful and clear the water is in this spring.  You could see all the way to the bottom.  Weeeellllll, a hurricane had come through and knocked a bunch of trees down and they had bled into the water causing an EXTREMELY murky situation.  Bill and Judy also bragged on how they were pretty experienced canoers and had never capsized their canoe. (Mike and I confessed that we had capsized on every float trip we had ever been on.) LOL  Boys in one canoe, girls in the other.  Twenty minutes after the start of the float trip, they were experienced in capsizing.  The downed trees had the current up and we had to portage our canoes in spots We capsized twice that trip. Once during the trip, (I’m in the front of the canoe, Judy is in the back), knowing that I freak out in the presence of spiders, Judy very calmly says, “I don’t mean to alarm you, (immediately causing me to become alarmed!  LOL) , but there is a really big spider coming your way.”  This also causes alarm, but after being in murky water with alligators,  I elected to try to ignore said spider.  We scraped every bank and tree along the course, leaving a clear DNA trail all the way down the creek,  until we finally came to the ‘take out’.  While waiting for the guys to get our canoe out, we heard Mike say with alarm, (and Mike doesn’t get alarmed), “Look at the size of that spider!”  LOL  I went to inspect it, since ignoring it had worked splendidly, I had yet to see it.   It was the hugest spider I think I have ever seen.  Thank God I didn’t see it in the canoe.  We would definitely have capsized one more time. 


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