Monthly Archives: June 2014

It’s ‘Memory Monday’ again! When Zach was about 12 or 13 maybe, he was going through a faze where he sang (at the top of his lungs) in the shower or outside or just wherever.  Autumn and I were inside watching tv in the living room when we heard what we thought was Zach singing outside.  We looked at each other and shook our heads at the silliness. Suddenly, Zach busts through the front door, crying and sobbing and bleeding, not singing at all.  Apparently, I jumped over the back of the couch (I have no memory of this, Autumn told me about it later) and ran to his rescue.  He had driven the 4 wheeler through the barbed wire fence that runs along our pasture.  He was trying to avoid running over our puppy that was nipping at the wheels (dumb dog). Zach ended up with scratches from the barbs on his chest and arms and I think (looking back on it) he may have cracked his wrist.  (I, being the great mother that I am, did not take him to the dr.  I just patched him up myself.)  His main concern was his pants.  I had been totally griping at him about how many of his pants had holes in them because he just didn’t take care of them.  He jumped up from the crash and first inspected his pants for holes thinking, ‘mom is going to kill me’, when he noticed that he was injured and abandoned concern for his clothes!  LOL


“Let’s take a family vacation!”I said.  “It’ll be fun!” I said.  Nine hundred fifty miles (one way) is not too far for 4 adults and 1 hyperactive child to spend in a vehicle together.  I lost the will to live at about Pensacola, which is roughly half way to my brother’s house in Florida. I’m pretty sure everyone else did too. Everyone was pretty considerate about keeping the complaining to a minimum, and surprisingly, Connor was the best traveler of all of us. So, we stayed in Florida for a week and did the Disney thing. (more about that later). Had a pretty good vacation until we all thought about getting in the rental car again. Nine hundred fifty miles, crazy looking hair, hurting bones, a lizard on the loose in the car, and one bleeding hemorrhoid later, we are home. The will to live is slowly returning.

In the near future, we are planning to take a family vacation that includes me and my husband, two adult children and our 7 year old hyperactive grandson. We will be driving about a thousand miles one way.  Doesn’t that sound like fun???? Well, it occurred  to me a while ago that I have really never been on a long ride with my kids doing a lot of the driving.  I keep remembering when I taught them to drive.  Man.  I hope I don’t have to hold on to the door handle all the way to Florida!  LOL

Dawn’s Life( the Sitcom), Episode: 9998:  Today Zach was going to cook some chicken he bought a couple of days ago and has been cooking on the Foreman grill to eat healthier lately. He said he was going to cook all of it before it ruined. He got it all set up to cook and opened the bag, then brought it to me and asked if it smelled ruined to me.  I took one whiff and said, “Oh yeah. Don’t eat that.” It smelled horrible. He took it out and put it in Bubba’s bowl.  Zach came back in holding the bag and told me that Bubba just looked at him and wouldn’t eat it (that didn’t last long. He started in on it after he came in).  Right after he said that, the cat, (who was between us) started gagging and threw up!  LOL  Never a dull moment!

I almost forgot that it’s ‘Memory Monday’ again.  I was just now remembering a time when we were at my in-laws for lunch with the kids.  My mother in law, Pat, had asked what the kids might want to eat and I had told her to just give them cheese toast (cheese toasted on bread in the oven).  She fixed it for them, (They were probably around 7 and 5 years old), and when she gave it to them, Autumn took one look at it and said, “This isn’t cheese toast!  It’s not black!”  LOL  I was so embarrassed. My in-laws thought it was funny, and I must admit, I did too.  

John Legend’s ‘All of Me’

I think this is such a beautiful song and it sums up how I feel about my husband. “Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections”.  Many times we have told each other that we love one another and then commented half jokingly that we are not sure why.  Why I love him.  Why he loves me.  It’s not always easy to explain why you love someone and it does come down to the ‘perfect imperfections’ that we overlook and sometimes embrace in one another.  I feel very unlovable at times, and I know he does too.  Just grateful to have found such a wonderful person to share this crazy journey called life with. I hope you are all just as lucky.

Connor came to me yesterday and was almost teary eyed when he told me that he could not whistle or snap.  He just tried and tried and couldn’t do it, he said.  Sooo, I began trying to teach him to whistle.  He is not forming his lips right and he is going to keep trying on that one.  I told him it would probably take lots of practice.  Then we moved on to snapping.  He was not holding his fingers right or even using the right fingers.  I showed him what to do and he snapped on the first try!  He was so excited.  He showed his mom and pawpaw as soon as they came home from work and even snapped on the phone when his dad called. It brought back memories of trying to teach my kids the same things.  We were working on teaching Autumn to whistle when she was 3, because she expressed an interest in learning to.  She tried and tried and couldn’t whistle.  On Zach’s first birthday (they are two years apart almost exactly in age) when he was blowing out his candle, I’ll be dang if he didn’t whistle when he blew!  He had picked it up (he later forgot it and had to relearn) when we were trying to teach his sister!  Both of them ended up learning how to whistle when they were about 6 or 7 I guess.