Well, It is ‘Memory Monday’ again.  This is actually a memory of my husband’s, not mine, but it is a pretty good story.  This was before I knew Mike.  He was working nights at the time (3 to 11).  When he came home, he saw that his bee hive was turned over and there was a bear trying to rob it.  He stopped his truck, told his doberman to wait for him and he ran to the house to get his gun.  Upon arriving at his trailer steps, he almost tripped over the dog he had just left ‘guarding’ the bear!  LOL (Apparently, the dog had better sense, and he couldn’t get him to come back to the hive with him!  LOL)  He got his gun and ran back out to the bee hive, only to find the bear had ran away, and thankfully, he never saw him again.


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