Hey!  It’s “Memory Monday” again!  I was reminded the other day about a fishing trip we (me, Mike and the kids) took when Autumn was probably 10 and Zach about 8.  We ended up fishing in a creek somewhere in north Arkansas that was shallow in spots where you could walk across and not hardly get your shoes wet.  Mike got us all set up to fish and then he disappeared up the creek (where he didn’t have to untangle lines, bait hooks, or remove fish.)  I didn’t mind doing all that stuff, but it does cut down on the amount of time you get to fish!  I was fishing a little ways downstream from the kids (maybe 20 feet away), and Autumn was on the bank and Zach was wading across the shallow spot, when a crane flew over the creek with a snake in it’s mouth.  Zach looks up and yells, “FLAMINGO!”, startling the bird so that it dropped the snake right beside Zach, (maybe a foot from him!).  This caused a flurry of activity from all parties.  You can just imagine. LOL  Lots of screaming (all of us)  and cursing (on my part). And I must admit, I’ve never seen Zach move faster.  Fun times.


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