Well, it is ‘Memory Monday’ again!  Today, I have a memory from our honeymoon.  We went to Florida for our honeymoon.  First we went to Disney World (the first time for us both) and then we went on to the Space Center and Cocoa Beach.  Awesome fun times.  When we were at Disney, the first ride we went on was the ‘It’s a small world’ ride.  (This consists of a ‘boat’ ride through a dark tunnel with the song playing relentlessly during the whole thing.)  Now, this ride is really slow.  We were inside and thinking the ride was interminable, we decided to participate in an illegal activity (we smoked a little weed–I know, I had somewhat of a misspent youth!)  LOL You just can’t believe how dark it was on this ride.  Suddenly, the doors burst open and we jettison out into the public (still smoking), where a crowd awaits, all seeming to be gawking at us as we panic and start trying to find a place to put something that is ON FIRE!  LOL Glad they didn’t have cell phones back then or we would probably have been on youtube!


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