Yesterday, I was responsible for picking up a prescription for my grandson.  I called the pharmacy (one that I don’t use) to see if it was ready, and the person on the phone immediately said ‘yes’ when I gave the name.  I knew he couldn’t possibly have looked it up, so I assumed that he had just filled it himself and remembered the name. About 20 minutes later I show up in their drive thru, and it takes forever (probably 3 minutes) for someone to come to the window.  (I can see only 2 people working in there.)  She starts looking his info up on the computer and I tell her that I called and was told it was ready.  She said he probably thought they could fill it before I got there and that it will be about 10 minutes.  I tell her that I have a couple of errands to run and I will just come back.  About 20 minutes later, I show up at the window again expecting to get my prescription, right?  WRONG!  They start filling it after I get there and ask for it.  Soooo, 10 minutes later, I get it.  Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture?  Wouldn’t you rather be told that your prescription isn’t ready yet when you call?  Because they are behind?  OR, they’ve let everyone off except 2 people that they are trying to get to quit?  OR, everyone is on a smoke break?  I certainly didn’t think it would take an hour to get a prescription that I was told was ready!  LOL Why does stuff like this keep happening to me?


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