Monthly Archives: May 2014

Yesterday was the last day of school for Connor and it was ‘award day’.  Not everyone got an award.  He got the Science award for the top student in his class!  So proud of him.  He was thrilled too. ImageImageImage


I made something delicious the other night.  Maybe you have already thought of it. Nutella and strawberry jam stirred together until smooth and spread on bread.  Yum!  I think I can take over the world! Bwahahahaha!

I was reading a post on fb about a friend’s daughter asking the dreaded Santa question.  It reminded me of when my son asked if he was real.  This is how that conversation went.  “Mom , is Santa real?  Or the Easter bunny?”  I thought he was too young to  be asking and was about half irritated (thinking his older sister had spilled the beans.).  I was totally not ready for this, so I blurted out rather huffily, “No he’s not real.  The Easter bunny and tooth fairy either!”  To which he surprisingly squealed, “The Tooth Fairy ISN’T REAL?” I felt like such a good mother.  LOL

Episode 2055: Dawn’s life (the sitcom)

Recently, we developed a rather large puddle in our driveway, so Mike put some rocks in it that were about the size of a woman’s fist.  When Autumn was mowing yesterday, she ran over one of them because someone had moved the rocks into the grass under a nearby tree.  She was complaining to Mike about it last night after he came home, and Mike said, “I don’t know who put the rocks over there.  Probably Connor or maybe my son.”  (Zach wasn’t here to defend himself, so he fell into the culprit category.) Connor was nearby and he overheard the conversation.  He piped up with, “Technically speaking, it was your son.”  LOL  It is so funny to hear big words come out of a 7 year old’s mouth!

Well, It is ‘Memory Monday’ again.  This is actually a memory of my husband’s, not mine, but it is a pretty good story.  This was before I knew Mike.  He was working nights at the time (3 to 11).  When he came home, he saw that his bee hive was turned over and there was a bear trying to rob it.  He stopped his truck, told his doberman to wait for him and he ran to the house to get his gun.  Upon arriving at his trailer steps, he almost tripped over the dog he had just left ‘guarding’ the bear!  LOL (Apparently, the dog had better sense, and he couldn’t get him to come back to the hive with him!  LOL)  He got his gun and ran back out to the bee hive, only to find the bear had ran away, and thankfully, he never saw him again.

Between the honeysuckle, clover, and the wild hedge bushes that are all blooming right now, it smells so sweet outside that it is almost sickening!  The hummingbirds rarely visit our feeder during this time of year because there is just so much blooming going on!  I love it, although my sinuses pretty much hate ME for it.

Today I have been married for 29 years.  (That sortof sounds like a prison sentence doesn’t it?)  LOL  Seriously, I am so blessed to have found a wonderful man that for some unknown reason loves me as much as I love him.  Neither of us are perfect and apparently we accept that about each other. He has made most of my dreams come true, and I hope I have done the same for him.  He will never see this, because he doesn’t do these kinds of things on the internet.  Happy anniversary anyway! I will always love you.