Tense night last night here in Arkansas.  Stormy weather.  Tornadoes.  Autumn and Connor came over last night when the sirens went off and Connor headed straight for the bathtub.  His mom ran home to get their kitten.  (The storm was 30 minutes away).  Connor started crying and said, “I’m scared Grandma.  I’ve never been in a tornado before!”  Bless his little heart.  I told him I never had been either, but I had been in the bathtub during several storms and reassured him that luckily a tornado had never hit here, but that we got in the tub just in case.  He was reassured by that, but when I asked where his mom was, he said she’d be right back, but he was worried about her and the baby kitty.  About that time, she came in the front door and all was well.  Her presence alone calmed him down.  Once last night when Autumn went out on the porch, the atmospheric pressure was so great, (The severe storm that caused the tornado was very close.) that when she opened the front door, the vents on my attic fan opened and whistled with wind and she had to really pull the door closed. That has never happened before.  Interested to see where and what the damage was now that the sun is coming up.  Prayers for those who have lost loved ones and property. 


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