Episode 2232:  Yesterday, I was going to sit outside with Autumn while she smoked, but I fed the dogs first.  I had a small bowl of scraps and about a half package of weenies that were getting old so I threw them out.  I have two dogs, a male, Bubba, and a female, Sweetness.  I gave Bubba a hotdog (he’s kindof a pig) and threw one to Sweetness, and I did this until the hotdogs were gone and I also gave Sweetness 1/4 of a peanut butter/jelly sandwich.  I then scraped all of the rest of the scraps into Bubba’s bowl and went and sat down with Autumn.  Bubba finished his bowl of scraps and instead of coming over to be adored as usual, he came up behind my chair, hiked his leg, and peed all over the patio right beside my chair. I, of course, sprang into action, cursing, scolding, and laughing all at the same time.  It turns out that he narrowly missed me by an inch or two, although I don’t think that was his intention!  LOL  This was totally unlike him. I don’t know why he did it unless he was pissed (haha I made a funny) that I gave Sweetness some of those delicious almost rancid hotdogs!


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