As some of you may know, my grandson Connor, who is six, has adhd plus a learning disability.  This is his second year in Kindergarten, and although he is doing much better than last year, he still only knows about 1/3 of the alphabet (to read, he can say his abcs, and he can tell you what sound they make, he just can’t read most of them).  About a month ago, he was tested for visual processing disorder, and this morning they did more extensive tests to determine a plan of treatment.  These tests and treatment have to be done by an eye dr. Essentially, what is happening is that his eyes do not work together as a team.  He has normal vision, so he doesn’t need glasses for that.  His eyes send two different images to his brain and his brain is confused by it. That is why he can’t memorize things he sees, because they don’t look the same to him every time.  Anyway. sometime in the next month, he will begin having a once-a-week therapy with the eye dr., and we will have exercises to do at home too.  I have no idea what any of that involves until the dr. analyzes the tests from today and formulates a plan of treatment.


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