I hate to give them the ‘honor’ of my first real post on my first blog, but is anyone else having trouble with ants?  We have been in the process of being invaded since the fall (as it is every year).  They start drifting in in small numbers in odd places in the house.  You would think they would invade the kitchen, right?  No.  They invade the front bedroom first and the living room to a lesser degree, then the bathroom and the kitchen last (by the beginning of spring).  They also invade my houseplants that I bring in from outside (after re-potting them so that I won’t bring any little critters in with them). I just carried all of the plants outside at the end of last week and now it is supposed to freeze.  I am not bringing them back in.  They will have to make it or not.  I may go try to cover them, but with the wind, not sure it will do much good.  Anyway, I digress.  What gets rid of ants?  We have tried a lot of the over-the-counter methods.  Some work for a while, but none get rid of them. I hate to call an exterminator, but I am sick of ants.


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  1. Judy

    Sprinkle them with diatomaceous earth. They will vacate within minutes and they won’t come back. Get the food grade version – not the one used for pools, and you are safe to use it in the house. Leave a small pile in the area that you see them come in and you won’t see them again……… this is the voice of experience speaking!


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